ProNiCare project at SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting

ProNiCare project partner AquaBioTech Group is pleased to announce their successful participation at the SETAC Europe 33rd Annual Meeting in Dublin last week! Researchers Adrian Love, Julia Urbano, and Marina Maritati represented AquaBioTech Group and engaged with stakeholders and academics interested in ProNiCare’s goals of formulating green anti-fouling solutions for the maritime industry. 

Adrian Love, head of aquatic ecotoxicology and principal aquaculture consultant at ABT commented, “As SETAC members, AquaBioTech were pleased to have a stand at the 2023 Europe event which showcased the ProNiCare project through posters, leaflets and videos. All of the staff attending the conference are involved in ProNiCare so we were all able to respond to enquires from interested parties on topics ranging from the requirement of a novel antifouling treatment to practicalities of culture maintenance and test techniques.  We were also able to view posters showcasing the latest research on anti-fouling materials and talk to businesses and researchers who are involved in the field; contacts whom we will continue to liaise with as the project develops.”